Our Mission

Capitol Peak’s mission is to harness the power of public-private partnerships and the capital markets to foster critical infrastructure projects that spur economic growth and job creation on a significant scale. We strive to bring new sources of institutional investment capital to fund viable infrastructure investments that generate attractive, market-based returns while delivering positive societal impact. Our business model and stakeholder engagement reflect these beliefs.

America’s Critical Infrastructure Projects

Capitol Peak Asset Management focuses on critical infrastructure investing – proven-demand projects across energy, water/wastewater, agriculture/agribusiness, telecommunications/broadband, and community facilities.

*Projects under review as of September 30, 2015.

Capitol Peak offers a range of services including: asset management, corporate finance, structured transactions, infrastructure investing, government programs, risk intelligence, and corporate strategy across key industry sectors. Led by seasoned professionals with decades of financial and governmental experience, Capitol Peak and its strategic partners bring together deep expertise and a superior track record in infrastructure investing to a broad array of initiatives.

Mission Driven Business Model

Capitol Peak focuses on economically-driven impact investing: funding critical infrastructure projects that deliver significant economic and societal benefits while generating market returns for investors. To optimize outcomes for critical infrastructure projects, Capitol Peak delivers a unique value proposition to key stakeholders.

  • For federal, state, and local government, this constitutes optimization of their involvement via grants, co-lending, or business levers.

  • For project sponsors and corporations, this encompasses minimization of the cost of capital and expansion of the global investor base.

  • For investors, this involves participation in critical infrastructure funding via investment vehicles custom-tailored to their risk and return objectives.

The U.S. Rural Infrastructure Opportunity Fund

The U.S. Rural Infrastructure Opportunity Fund is a public/private partnership involving the U.S. Government, Capitol Peak, CoBank*, and Institutional Investors. The Fund has a unique structure explicitly designed to:

  • Bring new capital to rural infrastructure projects while creating a sustainable, integrated platform for public and private sector collaboration
  • Transform the setting dominated by lenders into one that enables participation of the broadest universe of institutional investors via investment vehicles custom-tailored to different investment mandates and risk/return profiles

  • Place a leading cooperative bank/GSE with deep expertise in rural infrastructure lending, superior track record, commanding balance sheet, and commitment to operational excellence at the center of a public/private partnership

Capitol Peak Asset Management and the Fund was announced in 2014 at the White House Rural Opportunity Infrastructure Conference by Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and Chairman of the White House Rural Council.

*CoBank has committed $10 billion of balance sheet capacity to co-lend alongside the U.S. Rural Infrastructure Opportunity Fund in a manner consistent with CoBank’s lending authorities and underwriting requirements.

Long-term Focus

Through the U.S. Rural Investment Opportunity Fund and other initiatives, Capitol Peak focuses on designing sustainable public/private partnerships that deliver broad societal value and compelling investment opportunities.

Benefits to the PUBLIC SECTOR:

  • For government agencies, credit programs, states, and municipalities, P3s help harness the financial resources and expertise of companies and investors to support public entities as they advance high priority projects to achieve policy objectives

  • By instituting a rigorous, risk-intelligent approach to managing portfolios of government assets, private sector partners can potentially enhance asset performance, lower budget deficits and reduce risks to taxpayers in an environment of budget constraints and reduced bonding capacity (compliance with Circular A-129)

  • Assist state and local communities in creating solutions to fund critical infrastructure needs in an environment of budgetary pressures and limited bonding capacity


Benefits to the PRIVATE SECTOR:

  • For institutional investors targeting market returns on impact investments, P3s can help de-risk infrastructure projects that could otherwise be outside of investors’ and lenders’ risk tolerance – via government grant equity, regulatory tools, or the government participation as a customer providing long-term off-takes of products or services produced

  • For companies spearheading infrastructure projects, P3s can lower the cost of capital through government participation as a co-investor or customer who provides guarantees, or tax incentives. Further, Capitol Peak can assist in capital structure optimization and effective strategic decision-making using risk intelligence

  • Capitol Peak can expand the investor universe for companies and projects addressing the risk/return objectives of institutional investors